Behind the Seminar

We are Aviation Business Bachelor students at Haaga-Helia, Porvoo Campus. We come from different cultural backgrounds, as our group includes students from ten nationalities, Finland, Russia, Cameroon and Bangladesh, to name a few.

In addition, we have different levels of professional experience. Some of us have started studies right after high school, some have already worked in the aviation industry for years, and some are changing careers after previously working in other industries.  With all the differences between us, we are all united by our passion for aviation.

Our common goal is to turn our passion into a profession by gaining knowledge on all topics related to aviation. Working together in this multicultural group gives us experience in teamwork and collaboration with different people – skills that are surely to be useful when working in the global world of aviation.

Hard work, our drive for excellence, and all the skills and knowledge we will acquire through our studies mean that we will become the best aviation professionals in the future. By the time we graduate, we will be well equipped for the challenges we may face in the workplace and ready to bring vision and innovation to the aviation industry.