Ayça Kolukısa

Ayça Kolukısa has more than 15 years of Aviation Experience, having worked in three major airports of Turkey, including Ankara Esenboğa Airport, Istabul Sabiha Gökçen Airport, and Istanbul Airport.  Ayça Kolukısa studied Civil Aviation Management and also Public Relationships, and completed her PhD in Civil Engineering in the area of Aviation.

Her field of expertise are Financial and Operational Modelling of Airports, Feasibility studies for Airport Revenue streams, Aircraft Turnaround Operations, creating efficient use methods  for Airport facility and processors and Airport Capacity Assessment and Planning.

Currently her role is to establish and organize Customer Experience in Istanbul Airport. Ayça’s responsibilities include creating projects for excellence of journey maps, performing analytical execution of projects and business modelling of the new services, ensuring innovation and securing the passenger experience in the travel value chain of the core process from operational and commercial perspective, creating solutions that promote a desired behavior.