Aviation Business Degree Programme

Aviation is one of the fastest growing industries and employment providers in the world. Haaga-Helia UAS started its Aviation Business degree programme on Porvoo Campus in Finland in 2017 to provide a fast track for future aviation professionals to get recognised qualifications and industry contacts. Haaga-Helia’s Aviation Business Degree Programme is the only Aviation Business programme in the Northern Europe.  

The studies include working on projects related to real world problems in the industry. These tasks will develop professional skills, such as project management, leadership, communication, time management and strategic thinking. The studies also include visits to aviation related companies and events. The students have an opportunity to go on a study trip every year and are also able to go on exchange. In addition, the students arrange events on Campus that bring in international aviation professionals. 

The Aviation Business programme strongly emphasizes inquiry learning. Besides lecturers and factual information, students are posed with questions, problems and scenarios. Students then apply their skills to the subject with the aid of the teacher. 

The studies in this programme are conducted in English. Aviation Business students on Porvoo Campus are people of different ages and backgrounds. International students are also offered Finnish areal studies to support their integration in the Finnish society. The programme is open for all who pursue a career in the aviation industry. 

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